Gilles Deshayes, a businessman now leading the Triangle company.

By the end of the 80’s, he invented for breeding a special collar that can adapt to the chicken feeding lines in order to prevent wasted food. Patented, this product is successfull very fast, Gilles Deshayes created LE TRIANGLE in 1990.
He then created half moon buildings mounted on steel frames for livestock. The company skyrockets. Turnover is multiplied by 4 the following year.
The company decide at that moment to specialize in the construction of Livestock and industrial building with steel frame.
The story does not stop there, team working with him share the same passion and values.
In 2004, The company starts the conception and manufacturing of pieces of furnitures for supermarkets.

2009, new challenge, the company covers their premises with 750kwc power solar panels.
Le Triangle wants to share its experience and create a special branch : GISOLAIRE, conception, development and solar panels installation.

Products are manufactured in France, near Vendôme, at 1 hour from Paris, 27,000 m2 workshops on our two sites.

With a range full livestock building, warehouse, plant premises and industrial building, the purpose of the company the TRIANGLE is to find the tailor-made solution adapted to your project.

All our products are manufactured in Europe, you know you are making the best deal for you and your project when you choose “the Triangle” buildings.