Solupack 40 – 75


Sustainable stainless steel machine.

Collecting table:

Optimum filling range by measuring the egg flow with 3 sensors that
makes it easy to reach the maximum capacity.
Through the modulair collecting table al layouts are possible.


Small footprint gives the opportunity to place 2 solupacks next to each other,
capacity is then up to 54.000 eph.

Technical properties:
– Variable speed regulation between 14.400 and 27.000 eph
– Display to control: speed, sensors, counting
– Collecting table, suitable for all kind of layouts: straight, 90 or 180 degrees
– Specially developed gates to transport the eggs in the rollers
– Soft touch rollers
– Unique way of point setting system
– Eggs fall smoothly from the blue rollers in the fingers
– With denester for plastic and carton trays
– Simple adjustment when changing trays
– High pressure cleaning resistant
– For consumption- or hatchery eggs
– Small footprint (2.5 x 0.8m)
– 220v single phase
– Plug & play
– Every layout is possible through flexible collecting table

Digital folder

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