About us

Solupar B.V. was founded in 1997 and focuses on machines for sorting and packaging eggs.
In addition to selling new and used machines, the egg producer or agent can also contact us for parts of these machines.
By overhauling and replacing machines, we contribute to the circular economy, sustainability by reuse of the parts of the dismantled machines, this also contributes to a cleaner environment and lower repair costs.

With a network of agents and engineers around the world, we also offer service when needed.
We are strong in advising and offering total solutions, partly with our partners.
This is how Solupar got its name SOLUtion and PARtners.
Our goal is to realize and maintain the best solution for the sorting and packaging of eggs for the food producer, so that he can process his beautiful product in a responsible manner for the consumer.

If you are considering starting with automation, please contact us, in our range we also have compact machines for small spaces and low capacities.

We are deliberately a small team, so that it always remains personal for you.

From History to the present

Solupar was founded in 1997 by Jan Megens.
After working at Staalkat for 20 years, he wanted to offer the customer independent solutions, he noticed that there was a great need for this in the market.
We notice that even today there is still an increasing need for independent advice.