Solupack E110

  • Egg packing capacity: 40.000 per hour

  • Eggs are carried gently by means of special designed carrying mechanism

  • Easy cleaning with Plug & Play detachable modular parts

  • Easy usage with 5″ LCD touch screen and smart software

  • Gives the visual feedback on screen when any problem occurs

  • 304 stainless steel parts

  • Easy maintenance and high quality long life parts

  • Capable of packing with 30 eggs strays and 6, 19 , 15 eggs boxes

  • Net / Gross wieght: 560 kg / 650kg

Digital folder


Modular design

Easy and thoroughly cleaning thanks to its detachable mechanisms.

Gentle Handling in High Speed

Eggs are gently put into the trays with the least drop effect by means of a patented system.

Visualization with LCD screen

All system messages, prompts and numerical values are displayed on a 5” LCD touch screen panel.


Machine layout