We sell, place and maintain palletisers from an A quality brand with a capacity from 10.000 till 300.000 eggs per hour. Like our other range of machines the palletisers are easy to operate, maintain and clean. The Palletiser is a system that automatically places rows of four stacks of six trays on a pallet. The equipment is suitable for palletising stacks made by one or two stackers/packers. The system has a maximum capacity of 80,000 eggs per hour. The equipment is intended for plastic trays.

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It is obvious that a palletiser speeds up the work and makes it easier. The tray stacks end up on the pick-up belt one by one. As soon as the fourth stack is in position, all four stacks are being picked up and placed on the pallet by the gripping system. This unique system ensures that the stacks are placed in the exactly correct position rather than sliding them into position. Subsequently the pins are smoothly pulled from under the stacks. This all results in a securely built up pallet. A pallet that is stably built-up reduces the risk of hairline cracks in the eggs or shifting of the stacks during transport.

The special feed belts at the pick-up position ensure that the four stacks being picked up are always meticulously positioned. The gripper head places the empty pallets and middle sheets into the right position so as to automatically load a full pallet. We set the desired number of pallet positions during the installation of the palletiser. The automatic pallet scan always notices where the tray stacks can be placed. When the Palletiser has two pick-up positions and at least two pallet positions to be loaded, optionally you can process different types of eggs simultaneously.

Note: we deliver turnkey tailored solutions on farm level.